Bonjour Bistro Food Truck

Today and tomorrow you can look forward to a selection of burgers, ratatouille, and other french specialties from Bonjour Bistro, who will be parking their food truck at Futurama for the next two days.

Soup: 30,- Kč

Carrot cream with coconut milk


Main course:



Filled Portobello mushrooms

Mushrooms, onion, pepper, dried tomatoes, goat cheese + green beans with bacon or ratatouille: 100,- Kč


Burger “Le Gourmand”:

  • with cheese „Roussot“: 130,- Kč
  • with emmental: 110,- Kč

Beef (95%), bacon, French cheese, salad, caramelized onion, BBQ sauce – all in a crispy brioche.

+ Green beans with bacon (+ 30,- CZK)

+ Ratatouille (+ 30,- CZK)


Burger “Chasseur”:

Boar meat with Bonne Maman´s jelly (fruits of the forest), french cheese „Le Roussot“, salad, red beetroot, French mustard – all in a crispy brioche.

+ Green beans with bacon (+ 30,- Kč)

+ Ratatouille (+ 30,- Kč)


Tartine „Campagne“: 80,- Kč

Big toast with French cheese, grilled eggplant, dried onion and basil sauce.


Ratatouille: 70,- Kč


Dessert: 30,- Kč

Chocolate mousse with fruit cream


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25 Apr


Where: Futurama Plaza